Friends of LiveMoor - a great response!

Over the last few months we have been busy collecting information from our customers with a view to creating a "Friends of LiveMoor" page to showcase the many small and large companies who utilise LiveMoor products to make all sorts of interesting things. 

We received a great response and it was exciting to see the range of companies and diverse usage of our products. From the more obvious beauty products and candles to the not so obvious beard grooming products, we found customers using our wax, butters and craft materials both in the UK and abroad for small and large projects alike.

One of the most interesting was a reply we received from the Architectural Association in London who had been using our Beeswax to produce models as part of a project. 

Wax Model

These models really showcase the versatility of wax and the amazing things it can do in the right hands. 



We also received a message from a gentleman named Tim Benfield who is involved in historical re-enactments with a group called Øst Centingas

Tim commented:

"I use your beeswax in my leatherwork. It's fantastic stuff, hardens the final leather product wonderfully and gives it a beautiful colour".

Looking at the pictures Tim sent of a Seax (knife) sheathe he had been working on, we have to agree the leather really does have a beautiful colour!

If you are using any of our products and would like to showcase your company or the products you create please Contact Us and we would be happy to add your name to the list - if you can provide a logo and website address even better!

Thanks to all who have been in touch and keep up the great work!