LiveMoor Bespoke Multi-Use Fragrance Oils For Assessments - Various Sizes

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Barber Shop

Barber Shop
TOP: Orange peel, fresh citrus
MIDDLE: Lavender, jasmine
BOTTOM: Soft musk, waxy
E/O: Lavender oil, mandarin oil


Bachelor Pad
TOP: Rose water, bergamot
MIDDLE: Rose petal, white lily
BOTTOM: Soft musk, white musk, vanilla
E/O: n/a


TOP: Red raspberries, strawberries, mixed berries
MIDDLE: Rose bud, citrus, jasmine
BOTTOM: Sweet vanilla, benzoin
E/O: n/a


Black Fig & Vetiver
TOP: Black fig, fig leaf
MIDDLE: Lily flower, crisp green leaf
BOTTOM: Vetiver, oakmoss, tonka
E/O: Cedarwood oil


Black Plum & Rhubarb
TOP: Raspberry, black plum, rhubarb stick
MIDDLE: Coconut milk, orange blossom, gardenia
BOTTOM: Creamy vanilla, cedarwood
E/O: Lemon oil, orange oil, cedarwood oil


TOP: Orange juice, sugared meringue, fresh strawberries
MIDDLE: Jasmine, apple peel, banana
BOTTOM: Musty, soft musk
E/O: n/a


Desert Island
TOP: Coconut milk, sea salt, bergamot
MIDDLE: Bamboo, sea notes, coconut shell
BOTTOM: Soft musk
E/O: n/a


Enchanted Forest
TOP: Fresh citrus, bergamot, spicy
MIDDLE: Rose bud, neroli flower
BOTTOM: Cedarwood, sandalwood, musk notes
E/O: Cedarwood oil Texas, cedarwood oil atlas, cedarwood oil Virginia, petitgrain oil


Fresh Cut Roses
TOP: Rose water, honey, lemon zest
MIDDLE: Dried red roses, lilac, magnolia
BOTTOM: Woody notes, neroli, waxy
E/O: Lemon oil


Fun Fair
TOP: Pink candy floss, raspberry, strawberry
MIDDLE: Rose petal, bergamot
BOTTOM: Rich vanilla
E/O: n/a


TOP: Bergamot, blackcurrant, apple skin
MIDDLE: Patchouli, Moroccan jasmine, rose bud
BOTTOM: Musk, oakmoss, vanilla
E/O: n/a


Island of Love
TOP: Bergamot, orange, exotic coconut
MIDDLE: Amber, white lily, rose bud
BOTTOM: Rich vanilla, almond
E/O: Orange oil


Juicy Pineapple
TOP: Pineapple juice, orange zest, apricot
MIDDLE: Jasmin, rose petal
BOTTOM: Soft musk, rich vanilla
E/O: Orange oil


New Baby Scent
TOP: Powdery notes, orange peel, rose water
MIDDLE: Soft lavender, orange blossom
BOTTOM: White musk, creamy vanilla
E/O: Orange oil


TOP: Freshly picked rhubarb, strawberry, mixed raspberries
MIDDLE: Rose petal, gardenia
BOTTOM: Soft musk, rich vanilla
E/O: Orange oil, cedarwood oil


TOP: Cucumber, grapefruit, green apple
MIDDLE: Magnolia, lily of the valley, violet, rose petal
BOTTOM: Woody notes, sandalwood, amber
E/O: Lemon oil


Spiced Tonka Bean
TOP: Lavender, spicy, bergamot
MIDDLE: Myrrh, balsamic, amber
BOTTOM: Tonka bean, vanilla, almond
E/O: Lemon oil, elemi oil, patchouli oil


Summer Flowers
TOP: Fruity, bergamot, herbal
MIDDLE: White orchid, jasmine, freesia
BOTTOM: Woody notes, oily, soft musk
E/O: n/a


Sunkissed Skin
TOP: Shea nut, rich vanilla, rose water
MIDDLE: Rose petal, white lily
BOTTOM: White musk, amber, patchouli
E/O: Orange oil


Toasted Marshmallows
TOP: Toasted marsh mellow, mandarin
MIDDLE: Orange blossom
BOTTOM: Roasted vanilla, amber, soft musk
E/O: Orange oil


Thousand Wishes
TOP: Prosecco, Quince, Sugar & Raspberry
MIDDLE: Peony, Freesia & Jasmine
BOTTOM: Almond, Amber, Sandalwood & Musk
E/O: Orange oil


Unrelenting Linen (unstoppable)
TOP: Oceanic, fresh citrus, peach
MIDDLE: Jasmine, rose petal, neroli flower
BOTTOM: Patchouli, vanilla bean
E/O: Eucalyptus oil


Vanilla Sunset
TOP: Orange juice, buttermilk frosting
MIDDLE: Orange blossom, almond
BOTTOM: Soft musk, creamy vanilla, sweet caramel
E/O: Orange oil


TOP: Watermelon, pineapple juice, freshly picked strawberries
MIDDLE: Banana peel, raspberry
E/O: n/a


Winter Fairies
Top: Cherry, pear, sweet notes
Middle: lemon zest
Bottom: Vanilla bean, cotton candy, bubblegum
E/O: Lemon oil


We are proud to announce the launch of our new bespoke range of Fragrance Oils, specifically created by LiveMoor for our Flexi-Assessments / CPSR's found HERE

Although specially developed for our Assessments they can also be used in any other projects from candle making to personal care products.

These oils are developed to be maximum strength allowing for great hot and cold throws.

Supplied in high quality branded PET bottles with precision tips to make pouring your oils that much easier, reducing the risk of overloading the fragrance unnecessarily.

Suitable for use with paraffin wax, soy wax and other natural waxes, as well as a range of other crafts such as Bath Bombs and Soaps.

The recommended dosage is 5-10% - we advise testing at 5% and adjusting to personal preference.

For 1kg of candle wax we would recommend using between 50-100g of fragrance for the perfect scent throw.

For M&P Soap we recommend 15g per 1kg of soap. 

Please note: Each fragrance is slightly different in strength and will vary from one fragrance to another, as well as from one wax type to another.

We highly recommend testing each oil thoroughly and in small batches before committing to larger scale production.

In stock and ready to dispatch

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