LiveMoor 'Designer Like' Fragrance Oils 25ml Bottles - Parabens Free - Various Scents

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A floral aldehyde blend seduced with bergamot and neroli in a heart of royal florals and sweet vanilla.


Amber & Lavender

A refined masculine scent with lavender, petitgrain and amber.


Adventurous Man

Sweet fruity opening enriched with Moroccan jasmine, precious woods and oakmoss.


Aqua Colony Essential

A citrus, woody fragrance combining top notes of citrus and rosemary, and florals including rose, jasmine and lily of the valley. A hint of clove with a woodland base combines notes of patchouli, white moss and amber.


Aqua Colony Man

An intoxicating citrus blend with hidden floral depths of Jasmin and soft, waxy rose petals that are unfurled in a luscious amber musk.


Beautiful Life

A blend of blackcurrant, tonka, praline and pear with orange blossom, iris and jasmine.


Bullseye Oud

A blend of citrus, leather, clove, nutmeg, woods, musk and amber.


Cacao Lady

A blend of lemon and rhubarb with notes from rosy apples.  Summer florals of jasmine, marigold, linden blossoms, lily sap and cyclamen, with an amber base encompassed with patchouli, cinnamon, vanilla and musk.


Celebrity Heir 121

A blend of oriental woods with passion fruit, mint and spice. Amber and vanilla sweeten the leather base with a hint of vodka.



A rich fragrance of leather, lavender and amber, with violet leaf, jasmine, bergamot and tonka bean.


Coast for Him

Top Notes: Citrus, Tangerine, Bergamot, Tomato Vines, Cassis
Middle Notes: Spiced Florals, Black Pepper, Rose
Base Notes: Patchouli, Sandalwood, Woodland



A blend of orange, orange blossom and jasmine with honey and vanilla.


Cold Ocean

A blend of sea breeze, green foliage and lavender.


Dark Poppy

Top notes: Citrus, Pink Pepper

Middle notes: Jasmine, Orange Blossom, Patchouli

Base notes: Cedar, Vanilla, Musk, Sandal, Amber, Coffee

An addictive feminine fragrance with notes of espresso, florals and vanilla.


Day Z

A feminine floral-woody blend of berries, violet leaves and pink grapefruit.


Di & Gi - Men

A herbal and masculine blend of bergamot and lemon leaves and lavender with sage and cardamom and notes of black pepper, cedar, tonka bean, sandalwood and musk.



A blend of vanilla, coconut, chocolate and caramel, with berries, florals and amber.


Dupe Men

A masculine fragrance with citrus top notes of mandarin, lemon, bergamot and orange blossom. The medium floral notes include jasmine, lily of the valley and heliotrope, with base notes of cinnamon, patchouli, sandalwood vanilla and tonka bean.


D Your - DZ

A summer fruits blend including melon and mandarin, with middle notes of peony and cyclamen florals.


D Your - Man

A blend of cedrus atlantica, vetiver and patchouli.



A masculine, refreshing blend of spices, lavender and amber. With notes of tangerine, bergamot, light florals, musk and woodlands.


Enchanted Spirit

A feminine woodland-floral fragrance. A blend of bergamot, mandarin, guava and freesia with rose, peony, magnolia and jasmine and note of iris, sandalwood and musk.


Energy For Him

A masculine fern blend with a wooded base blended with grapefruit, anise, bergamot, lavender and raspberry.


English Pear & Freesia

A fresh scent of pear and freesia, blended with amber, patchouli and woodlands.


Eternal Her

A powdered blend of citrus, violet and lily-of-the-valley with carnation, rose and amber.


Eternal Him

A masculine blend of pink apples, bergamot, cucumber, apricot and cyclamen, with jasmine, woodlands and musk.



A floral blend with amber, balsamic, woodland and jasmine.


Flower Blast Woman

Bergamot and green tea blended with floral notes of jasmine, rose, freesia and orchid, with notes of vanilla and patchouli.


Flower Noir

A masculine oriental sandalwood fragrance with jasmine, truffle and ylang ylang and notes of dark chocolate and blackcurrant.


Gold Lady

A fresh and floral, woody feminine fragrance with notes of bitter orange and raspberry. With middle notes of honey soaked neroli, orange blossom, jasmine and gardenia and base notes of patchouli and amber.


Gold Man

An attractive masculine fragrance of bergamot and grapefruit with cinnamon and nutmeg with notes of fresh mint, rose, leather, woodland, patchouli and amber.


Gold Orchid

Gold orchid with lemon rind, amber, tonka bean and coconut.


Grouchy Gillt

A blend of mandarin, pepper, peach, lilac, geranium, amber and patchouli.


Grouchy Man

A masculine, fresh, sweet, citrus fragrance, with notes of orange and lemon flowers. With tones of woodland spices, rose and chilli, blended with patchouli and cedarwood.


Harmony Sea

A feminine, sweet and aromatic fragrance with notes of vanilla, amber and woodlands blended with cassis, patchouli and rose.


Heroic Man

A blend of orange and lemon with notes of coriander, cedar and violet and undertones of amber and leather.


Invincible Ray

A masculine, energetic fragrance of citrus zest and marine, blended with sage, bay leaf, jasmine and patchouli.


Jamie Chew

blend of chypre and fruits, with green top notes blended with orchid, toffee caramel and patchouli.


Lime, Basil & Mandarin

A blend of citrus, basil and jasmine with patchouli and spiced woods.


Luxury White

A soapy blend of lily of the valley, sweet pea and white musk.


Miss Dee

A blend of citrus and galbanum resin with jasmine and patchouli.


Noir P

A dark blend of tobacco, clove and patchouli with pomegranate, amber and apple notes.


Pale Patchouli

A blend of bergamot, peony, rose, jasmine, patchouli and incense.


Paradise for Men

A floral and woodland fragrance with citrus notes of bergamot and mandarin, blended with jasmine and base notes of cypress, pine and mountain pink charm.


Pink Peony & Blush Suede

A blend of peonies, rose and jasmine with citrus, patchouli and a white wood base.


Porn Star Martini

A classic cocktail mix of vodka, passion fruit, passion fruit liqueur and vanilla.


Pretty Candy

A sweet blend of caramel, vanilla and resins.


Rolfer for Him

A blend of mint, lemon and apple with notes of tonka bean, ambroxan, geranium and base notes of vanilla, vetiver, woodland moss and cedarwood


Rose Oud

English rose blend of tart berries, saffron and geranium with oud, patchouli and jasmine.


Savage Men

An attractive blend of bergamot and mandarin with notes of patchouli, vetiver and ambroxan and base notes of lavender and gardenia.


Sea & Sage

A blend of bergamot and sea salt with middle notes of jasmine, lavender, gardenia, and sage and base notes of musk, cedar and amber


Seek One

A blend of mojito and lime with bergamot and guava on a base of cedar and white musk.


Shocking Man

An aromatic, spicy and oriental blend of clementine, sage, black pepper, dark opal basil and cardamom on a base of tobacco, musk, patchouli and tonka bean.


Shocking Woman

An oriental and floral blend of passion flower, peony, jasmine and narcissus with  blackberries and dark chocolate mousse combining tones of amber, vanilla, musk and patchouli.


Silver Man

A masculine woodland spice fragrance with top notes of grapefruit, orange blossom and sage; middle notes of nutmeg, orris root and pimento and base notes of vetiver, wooded moss and amber.


Spice Blast for Men

A masculine fragrance with citrus, chilli, pink pepper corns and saffron with notes of leather, tobacco and vetiver.



A feminine floral blend of rose and jasmine with amber, vanilla and peach in a base of sandalwood and musk.


Sporting Man

A blend of green gardens, nutmeg, peppermint and citrus with neroli, cyclamen, jasmine and rose blossom on a base of sandalwood and cedarwood.


Strawberry Lily

A juicy blend of strawberries, white lily, amber, cyclamen, gardenia and vanilla musk.


Tasty Fruit

A blend of apple, cucumber and grapefruit.


Thai Lime & Mango

White musk with almond and mimosa notes.


Following the success of our original range of Fragrance Oils, we have now added a number of new designer like Fragrance Oils, made in the UK.

These designer like Fragrance Oils should not be confused with any trademarks or copyrights of any world wide original named companies and their perfume products.

All of our fragrance oils are undiluted and high strength, as such they are not suitable for direct contact with skin as they may cause irritation. Instead, we would suggest using them with other ingredients / carrier oils, or as they are for candle / melt making.

Product Overview
  • A range of professional, cosmetic grade, extra strong fragrances perfect for candles, wax melts, soaps, potpourri, reed diffusers and more.
  • High strength allows for maximum potential of the scent in all products. Supplied in high quality branded bottles with screw top lids.
  • Due to the strength of these fragrances, a little goes a long way!
  • The recommended dosage for candle making is 1-5% - we advise testing at 3% adjusting for personal preference.


Suggested Use

Fragrance oils can be used in so many ways - here are just a few ideas:

To use in an oil burner, fill your burner with water, add 3 or 4 drops of oil into the water and light your candle.

To refresh your potpourri it is easier to put it into a bag, add a few drops of oil and shake well then put back into container.

To use in a lamp ring, drop a small amount of fragrance oil into the ring and place on a light bulb.

Put a few drops on cotton wool then place in your vacuum cleaner it gives out the aroma as you clean.

Sprinkle a few drops on your car air freshener.

Soak cotton wool and put into a small jar and punch holes in the lid, this can be placed in the car, wardrobe or any small area.

The recommended dosage is 1-5% for candle making, melts might require a higher dosage for a better scent throw due to the low melting point - we advise testing at 3% & adjusting for personal taste. Therefore, for 1kg of candle wax we would recommend using 10-50ml of fragrance for a good scent throw.

Important Information

These designer like Fragrance Oils should not be confused with any trademarks or copyrights of any world wide original named companies and their perfume products.

Please note: scents are all naturally slightly different strengths so usage will vary from one fragrance to another and from one wax type to another. - Despite smelling absolutely delicious these oils are NOT to be consumed - Keep out of the reach of children - Do not apply directly to skin - Do not allow oil to come into contact with painted surfaces - We recommend following safety usage guidelines in line with the product you are making. - If swallowed seek medical treatment immediately.

Product images are merely for illustration purposes, each oil will be supplied in branded plastic/glass bottles, which may slightly differ in appearance to the illustrated picture.


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