We are LiveMoor

The LiveMoor team is the beating heart of our company. Along with our loyal customers, these are the people who make the business possible day in, day out. Their hard work and dedication is what allows us to continue to grow, driving new product innovation and standards.

Our story

Meet our team

Our team is like a family - we have worked together on various projects over the last 20 years and everyone has their part to play in making sure we are a success. We have a strong team of people at our core who have the experience and dedication required to run a successful business.

Tim Cross


Ross Taylor


Carl Coysh

General Manager

Katie Lay

Finance Director

Caroline Eke

Communications Manager

Victoria Sanders

Logistics Manager

Meet the pets

We love our pets as much as we love our jobs. Say hi to the LiveMoor pets - we know - we could open a zoo!


Katie's French Bulldog

Buddy and Fergie

Carl and Caroline's Boxer and French Bulldog

Roy (Piggy)

Victoria's Border Terrier


Victoria's Tortoise


Victorias' Tortoise


Tim's Newfoundland


Ross's Black Labrador


Ross's Dog


Ross's Cat